Internship Termo-D Conceptual Work

Collection of short conceptual projects designed during my Internship at Termo-D. These projects were developed during the waiting periods between stages of the commercial projects I developed with the office team. The commercial projects are still under NDA. The internship lasted from October 2011 to August 2012 with a 20h/week schedule.

Coffee Grain Grinder
Coffee grinder that uses metal sheet folding manufacturing process to deliver a unique looking piece. A minimalistic touchscreen interface allows the user to choose between espresso and brewed grinds.
Coffee table inspired on quartz formations, very common to the state of Minas Gerais – Brazil.
Hardnutz Helmets
Snowboard helmet Illustration proposals for the "Design a helmet for HardnutZ" contest on
Coffe + Milk
Tribute to one of the most traditional ways of consuming coffee in Brazil - Café com Leite (brewed coffee and milk, slightly different from the latte). With two independent containers, the coffee and milk are mixed while being poured, creating a simple but interesting visual experience on the breakfast table.
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