Blackberry RELAYER - Concept

Blackberry RELAYER is a conceptual project made originally for an online course about tech-gadgets on It unifies all connections in a home/office while providing a safer way to manage your files.

This is the RELAYER.
It is a communication and data managing device which will change the way you handle content and your files.
Modern life has connected us to many different networks, and demands access to our own library of information constantly.
Current networks still hold different channels and protocols, the Blackberry RELAYER Net has the possibility to unite them all.
While the internet is perfect to stay connected, and cloud computing is the solution for simple file sharing, it will never be completely safe to keep all your data and servers are showing to be vulnerable to attacks.

The Relayer was designed with your complete privacy and data security in mind, that is why it keeps your files all organized, safely, with you.
How does it work? The structure consists of two main parts: 
The mobile unit is essentially a smartphone, with a powerful antenna to connect to the Blackberry RELAYER network and a large storage drive.
The dock is responsible for creating a local network and backing up data from all your smart devices where it is installed. Laptops, desktops, smartTVs, every byte of data in the office or at home will be synced to the dock`s storage device.
Once connected, the mobile and stationary unit start acting as one, the RELAYER antenna allows the local network to be connected to the internet, while the dock`s storage is synced with the mobile.
Multiple content recieved and being relayed to other devices.
Data being synced between the dock storage drive and the mobile unit.
This double sync system allows the mobile unit to act as a secure “offline” connection between two or more bases you might have. No matter where you are, all your information will follow you without the need to broadcast it to the whole world.
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